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The relationship we have with you is special


Dr. Angela Moore and her team at Arlington Center for  Dermatology work very hard to offer the the best in skin health and skin care. Your time with us is important and we will strive to do everything possible to make your time with us rewarding and helpful.


As you enter our office, you will find a pleasant and informative lobby with places for children to play and watch videos, teens to read a popular magazine and adults to be updated on current events and current trends on one of our multi-media large screen TVs.


Our friendly staff will work with you to obtain important health information such as a brief medical history, insurance information and contact information. To make your wait-time minimal, our staff will offer to assist you in collecting any payments before your visit so you can leave immediately after your visit is done. Our staff will also assist you with any purchases of products or payments for procedures not covered by insurance after your visit if needed.


Each exam room is frequently sterilized and equipped with necessary medical supplies to handle examinations, treatments, surgeries and various medical tests. Lighting is optimal for dermatological examination. Each room is also equipped with a computer which contains our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program. Your health information and all items discussed and treated in your visit are securely recorded in our EMR system. Your prescriptions will be electronically transmitted to your pharmacy, your treatment diagramed and any photographs of your skin will be stored in this EMR system. Our exam rooms are large enough to accommodate a family member to join you if desired.


After a visit with your medical provider, you may wish to meet with on of our Cosmetic Consultants to discuss additional treatments such as laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, make-up consultation or anti-aging products or procedures. Our helpful Cosmetic Consultants will meet with you at no charge to discuss your skin-care needs and will offer procedures and products that will enhance the medical treatment you received from your dermatological provider. Our Cosmetic Staff have been thoroughly trained by Dr. Angela Moore and will provide resources that will advance the health and vitality of your skin.


We offer a wide array of medical grade products that you will not be able to find in retail stores. These products are specially chosen by Dr. Angela Moore as products that are highly effective. Dr. Moore refuses to offer products that do not meet a standard of quality expected by medical  professionals. You do not have to buy products from our office, but if you do make a purchase of a recommended product, you can be assured that you are getting the best product on the market for your money.


We have a dedicated in-house team dealing with your insurance company and the submission of all your medical claims. Our billing team is experienced and certified as dermatological medial billing coders. They will do all they can to work with you to make sure your insurance is properly billed and any charges you incur are correctly applied. If you have any problems with your account with us, our billing team is more than happy to speak to you in person. They are always available during your visit to answer any of your billing questions. You may also call them as well.


Before you leave our offices, make sure you sign up for our Patient Portal. This website portal offers you a direct link to our office. Securely you can view your lab and pathology results, your next appointment and any billing statements you may have. You can also send a message directly to your provider and ask a question or request a refill of your medication. Our providers will see your request instantly and may be able to respond more quickly to your Portal Request than to a phone call from you.

Signing up for our portal also enrolls you in our Newsletter that offers you frequent tips for the care of your skin and current offers and specials our office may have. Don’t forget our website as well. You can find all kinds of information about our office and the care of your skin.

We trust that your experience in you office will be helpful and rewarding. Please let us know how we can help you!

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